android studio 教程 | 2018-10-21 08:00


Android developers love Kotlin. Google can tell us that 27% of the top 1,000 Android apps are built using Kotlin or that developers who are using it have a 97% satisfaction rate and that's great.

But we've also had developers tell us in person that they not only love it, but it's also changed how much time they need to spend doing the "boring" part of building an app. That gives them more time to do things like polish the user experience or add small details that make a great app stand out.

Kotlin helps make the tedious parts of building Android apps fewer and farther between.

When a one-man dev team can see the same benefit as a big player, that means a thing is pretty darn good. Part of what makes Kotlin work so well for writing Android apps is Google's support. Google treats Kotlin as a primary ("First class" in its own words) language in Android Studio and all the official Android developers' documentation. This includes examples and tutorials as well as code camps and even a complete — and free — Udacity course. If you know how to code in Java, you'll be up and running with Kotlin in no time.

After seeing the success of Kotlin for Android development, Google is moving it to the cloud with the Kotlin on Google Cloud Platform portal.

Going beyond Android, we are happy to announce that the Google Cloud Platform team is launching a dedicated Kotlin portal today. This will help developers more easily find resources related to Kotlin on Google Cloud. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Kotlin, whether it's on mobile or in the Cloud.

Like Kotlin on the Android platform, Google is offering a complete SDK for Google Cloud and tutorials to guide you through doing things like building a backend for your app or using Kotlin to deploy Google App Engine. It also promises a full set of APIs and code libraries for Kotlin on Google Cloud Platform to help make moving a project from another language to Kotlin or building a new Kotlin project from scratch easier and worth doing.

Programming languages and developer tools to use them don't really mean much to end-users like ourselves. But they do make life easier for the developers when they're done right. Google looks to be learning from mistakes it sees in its own past as well as the things Apple and Microsoft are doing that could be improved and it's partnership with JetBrains to establish the Kotlin Foundation is one way it wants to fix them.

For us, it all just means better apps. Who doesn't love better apps?




当一个单人开发团队能够看到与大玩家相同的好处时,这意味着事情相当不错。Kotlin编写Android应用程序的一部分原因是谷歌的支持。Google将Kotlin视为Android Studio中的主要语言(自称为“头等舱”)语言,以及所有官方Android开发人员的文档。这包括示例和教程,以及代码阵营,甚至一个完整的- 和自由 - Udacity课程。如果您知道如何使用Java编写代码,那么您很快就可以使用Kotlin了。


超越Android,我们很高兴地宣布Google Cloud Platform团队今天推出了专门的Kotlin门户。这将有助于开发人员更轻松地在Google Cloud上查找与Kotlin相关的资源。我们希望让您尽可能轻松地使用Kotlin,无论是在移动设备还是在云端。

与Android平台上的Kotlin一样,Google提供了完整的Google Cloud SDK和教程,可指导您完成为应用构建后端或使用Kotlin部署Google App Engine等操作。它还承诺为Google Cloud Platform上的Kotlin提供一整套API和代码库,以帮助将项目从另一种语言转移到Kotlin,或者从头开始构建一个新的Kotlin项目更容易,更值得做。